1947 Ahepan Silver Jubilee Edition Magazine

1947 Ahepan Silver Jubilee Edition Magazine [PDF Download]


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1947 Ahepan Silver Jubilee Edition Magazine

The July - August 1947 issue of The Ahepan Magazine was published as a special edition to commemorate the Order of Ahepa's 25th Anniversary.

In 1947 it was decided to publish an engrossed issue of the Ahepan Magazine in the form of a 25th Anniversary Issue. It was found that some permanent record should be made depicting the 25 years of our fraternal life so that not only the Ahepans and their families may have it, but also libraries and other institutions. Conseqquently, an appeal was made to the chapters to help finance this Special Issue by sending in a picture of the officers and a history of the chapter for publication.


1947 Ahepan Silver Jubilee Edition Magazine [PDF Download]

About the Order of Ahepa Magazines

The Ahepan magazine since its inception in 1922 has been the main line of communication amongst the Ahepa Family's membership and the public-at-large. Originally, published as "The Ahepa Bulletin", The Ahepa magazine, became a full fledged publication in 1927. Over time, the official publication of the American Hellenic Education Progressive Association has been named the The Archon Magazine, The Ahepa Illustrated National Monthly Magazine, Ahepa Magazine and the The Ahepa Illustrated Magazine. Since 1981, the publication has been named "The AHEPAN Magazine."

Over the past century, the AHEPAN Magazine has been a vital part in the successful communication of the AHEPA Family in fulfilling its original purpose of helping propagate and communicate to all corners of the world. The magazine continues to complement and assist the programs of the organization.

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AHEPA History Project Goals

The overall goal of the AHEPA History project is to digitize and make available as much as possible prior to AHEPA's centennial in 2022. This includes sharing digitized versions of our history amongst the AHEPA family thru this website and to distribute our digitized products to the numerous universities that currently have physical copies of our history. Part of the digitization process also includes preservation of our documents.

The AHEPA History project is composed of numerous components and are to be published and distributed as each component is completed.

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