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In the face of bigotry & racism, the American Hellenic Education Progressive Association (AHEPA) -- the largest & oldest US-based Greek heritage organization -- comes to fruition.

These visionaries of Hellenic descent established the Order of AHEPA with the mission of promoting the principles of Hellenism, unity and assimilation into American society.

Since then, the Order of AHEPA which began as (and still is) a grassroots movement has flourished into a fraternal and philanthroppic organization of international scope & membership.

AHEPA is highly active in supporting today’s communities on a global scale and promoting the ancient Hellenic ideals of philanthropy, education, civic responsibility, family and individual excellence.

AHEPA History Project Goals

The overall goal of the AHEPA History project is to digitize and make available as much as possible prior to AHEPA's centennial in 2022. This includes sharing digitized versions of our history amongst the AHEPA family thru this website and to distribute our digitized products to the numerous universities that currently have physical copies of our history. Part of the digitization process also includes preservation of our documents. The AHEPA History project is composed of numerous components and are to be published and distributed as each component is completed.


There's more to go, but here's the good news …

Just Added

1925 Pre-Convocation Magazine

Edited by then Supreme President V.I. Chebithes, the Order of Ahepa 1925 Pre-Convocation Magazine is a 176-page collection of Articles, Chapter Reports, Odes & Poems, Delegates to the 1925 Convention and Photos. This specific Pre-Convocation Magazine was published for the 3rd Annual Order of Ahepa Convention (Convocation) in Chicago, Illinois.

1926 Pre-Convocation Magazine

The Order of Ahepa 1926 Pre-Convocation Magazine is a 375-page collection of Articles, Chapter Reports, Odes & Poems, Delegates to the 1926 Convention and Photos. This specific Pre-Convocation Magazine was published for the 4th Annual Order of Ahepa Convention (Convocation) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A Brief History of AHEPA Australia

The following sections are now available online:

Greek Independence

A collection of articles from the Ahepa Magazines on the Greek Revolution of 1821. These articles are in HTML format.

Ahepa Magazines

We have digitized and uploaded the national Ahepa Magazines between 1927 and 1981 (More to come). The issues are in PDF files by year.

Most of the issues are in a good digital format. We'd like to scan as many original issue covers and replace in the PDFs. We also may further split the PDF's down to individual issues if budget allows.

History of the Order of AHEPA 1922 - 1972

George J. Leber's book, commemorating AHEPA's Golden Anniversary in 1972, was published by the fraternity as a service to its membership, and in recognition of those early pioneers of AHEPA to whom we owe so much for their dedicated service and devotion to the mission and principles of the fraternity.

Images and videos where appropriate have been added to the web version of the original book.

Greek War of Independence & America's Contributions to the Greek Cause

In 1971, The Order of AHEPA published "The 1821 Greek War of Independence and America's Contributions to the Greek Cause." This book recounts America's contributions to the Greek struggle for independence. George Leber, the book's editor, compiled this historical account in commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Greek War of Independence (1821-1971).

Images and videos where appropriate have been added to the web version of the original book. A modernized PDF version of this book has also been published.


Using the "History of the Order of AHEPA 1922 - 1972" book, a series of biographies have been augmented with additional content (including images, videos, newspaper clippings). … more biographies will be posted as they become available.

AHEPA Socrates Award Winners

The Order of AHEPA Socrates Award recognizes prominent men and women who have emulated ancient Hellenic ideals. Additional sets of AHEPA award winners will be published as content becomes available

History of AHEPA Bergen Knights Chapter 285


We estimate that the following can now be accomplished for $75,000

The History of The Order of AHEPA (1922 - 1972) e-Book

The book is available in PDF format, but requires modernization to be tranformed into an e-book. This is the current state of the book in PDF format: Read The History of The Order of AHEPA (1922 - 1972)

Other books, can also be professionally digitized & modernized:
- AHEPA and the Progress of Hellenism in America (V.I. Chebithes)
- AHEPA and I Across the Years (Peter N. Mantzoros)

AHEPA's Supreme Convention Yearbooks

I have physical copies of the 1931, 1937 & 1970 Supreme Convention Yearbooks. Same level of astonishment in terms of the quality of the writing.

The Ahepan Magazine

Over the last decade or so, The AHEPAN magazine has been published in both physical and electronic PDF format. The goal would be to professionally digitize all magazines back to 1929. I have physical copies of the June 1930 & March 1972 editions. I am astonished as to the quality of the articles -- they are indeed literary masterpieces.

Check out Patriotism and AHEPA by Milton Meletiadis (The Ahepan Magazine June, 1930)

Saloniki-Greek Press (July 17,1929):

"We have received the second number of the magazine issued by the organization, AHEPA, which is published in Washington DC. Rich in content and artistic printing skill, it is truly a wonderful piece of work ... Editor Meletios Meletiadis has put into the Ahepan periodical much select reading of interest to everyone."

Other magazines, newsletters and publications such as The AHEPA Voice, AHEPA Herald can also be digitized.

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Other activities that can be done in an extremely cost efficient manner

Chapter Histories

Chapters can scan and submit from their own archives and other sources such as newspapers.com, church archives, local libraries and local universities articles and pictures to be published on the site. At least one web page will be dedicated to each and every chapter. For example, Bergen Knights Chapter #285 has amassed a collection of over 500 articles from newspapers.com specific to our chapter. We are in the process of having members and others looking for information and pictures that they may have. We will also look into our local church archives.

Delphi Chapter #25 in New York for example can access and digitize the Dean Alfange Papers collection at the New York Public Library.


The Bergen Knights have also reached out to current members and families of deceased members to inquire if they have anything to contribute.

Articles & Pictures from Publishers

The Bergen Knights have already been granted access to download and publish from a few Greek-American news publishers.

Other Resources

Chapter Correspondence
Initiation Certificates